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A formula determined to create unique designs. At Logo Design Singapore, we are a team of professional logo design experts who work to provide a unique identity for your business.

  • Unbeatable quality logo designs
  • Create memorable brands
  • Timeliness in delivery
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Single point of contact
  • Talented team with strategy and creativity

Logo Design Singapore Packages

Best logo design Singapore package deals based on customer demands catered to meet business of all sizes. All the custom logo design packages include design revisions, color options, fast turnaround time above all a unique concept that could best recognise your business. Please note the services are only for design and no printing.

Logo Design Package, Singapore - Quickie


    • 2 Design Concept
    • 2 Design Revisions
    • 4 Days turnaround time
    • Final Files (AI, PDF, PNG, JPG)
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Logo Design Package, Singapore - Standard


  • 3 Design Concepts
  • 5 Design Revisions
  • 5 Days turnaround time
  • Name card design (1 No.)
  • QR Code with Logo (1 No.)
  • QR Code with Logo (1 No.)
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Logo Design Package, Singapore - Marketing


  • Logo Design (1 No.)
  • Name Card Design (1 No.)
  • QR & Watermark Logo (1 No.)
  • Facebook Cover (1 No.)
  • LinkedIn Cover (1 No.)
  • Twitter Cover (1 No.)
  • A5 eFlyer Design (1 No.)
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Why creating a business logo is important?

The business logo design should effectively convey what your brand does in a way that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impact. Creating a well-designed logo involves careful consideration to ensure it stands out, represents your brand’s values, and makes a strong, positive impression.

  • First Impressions Matter

    A business logo immediately creates a visual impact, giving customers a sense of your brand.

  • Establishes Identity

    A business logo designed by professional logo designers conveys your business’s values and services at a glance.

  • Differentiation

    A unique logo design sets you apart from competitors, making your brand stand out.

  • Brand Recognition

    Improves recollection and helps customers quickly identify your business.

  • Builds Trust and Loyalty

    A professional business logo design promotes customer trust and loyalty.

  • Consistency in Marketing

    Business logo design provides a consistent visual symbol across various platforms, helping in cohesive branding measures.

Know the 3 Key elements for a good logo design

A well-designed logo makes the best first strong impression on your target audience. Professional logo design effectively conveys your company’s brand values to customers, enhancing recognition and trust. A clean and neat design is always impactful, to design the best logo there are 3 essential elements you need to be aware of; as logo designers in Singapore, we have a clear focus of what we do and how we design.

  • Types of Logo Design in Singapore

    Logo Type

    Choosing the right type of logo is essential. Conducting quick research on your competitors can guide the logo design process, ensuring your logo effectively communicates what your customers expect.

  • Logo Design Colors in Singapore

    Logo Colors

    Colors significantly influence customer psychology. A well-balanced color scheme in your logo creates an aesthetically pleasing design and ensures adaptability for various promotional needs and design requirements.

  • Logo Design fonts in Singapore

    Logo Fonts

    Your typeface should match your graphics; choosing the fonts based on the business is important; fonts should complement the image and enhance its value.


Do I have full copyrights for my logo?

Yes, as a client you do have the complete copyright of the logo. We may display your logo for our marketing purposes other than this we do not claim any copyright for the logo.

How many logos I get with the logo design package?

Each package comes with 1 final logo, black and white version of the same logo in JPG, PNG. However if you want additional logos you could let me know beforehand so I can quote you more appropriately.

What deliverables can you expect from a logo designer for a Business?

Logo design deliverables usually contains AI, PDF, PNG, JPG. AI are the source files which is used to create the logo and it is scalable to any size. JPG and PNG can be used for any web purposes and collaterals. PDF can be used for printing.

What are the inputs you require for logo design?

We will be sharing a questionnaire to get the inputs about your business and design preferences before kickstarting the logo design.

How should I opt for the logo design package?

You can click on the "Get a Quote" button in each package and fill in the details required in the form; we will get in touch with you within one working day and take it further.

I need my business name in the text. Is this also considered a logo?

Yes, they are Wordmark logos or Lettermark logos. We will be designing your business name with the best typography which suits your domain.

Do you have logo design package for me to choose?

Yes, I do have a logo design package where you can choose between the number of concepts, revisions etc. You can email us with your requirement to [email protected] so we can get back to you with the custom packages available.

How long does it require for a logo design process to get completed?

Logo design is a process and if you are hiring a professional logo designer then the duration to complete a logo may take around 3 to 10 days based on the number of concepts you prefer to see for your logo.

How much does a custom logo design cost?

The cost for the logo design varies. All my logo designs are custom drawn and the pricing varies according to the project requirements. Please email your requirements to [email protected] for the best logo design quote

How many logo design concepts will I have to choose?

The number of logo design concepts varies based on the package you choose.

What is your logo design process?

When you opt for the logo design service, we first study your business domain, followed by sketching and digitalisation. Refining the logo design based on your comments after the first draft.

Is logo design expensive?

All our packages are pocket friendly with no compromise in quality. Logo design follows a series of steps to develop the best output and involves a lot of effort and time.

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Logo Design is important for any business. When you hire a logo designer in Singapore or Logo design Singapore freelancer for creating your branding or corporate identity design, you have to check with the freelance logo designer Singapore about the possible options for your logo design. Before hiring logo designers you require to first choose between whether you need cheap logo design services or professional logo design services in Singapore. Logo design needs to be unique and it cannot be a copy of any other existing logo design in Singapore. Online demand for products are growing hence it is vital to hire a good logo designer to design your online identity. Professional logo designer follows a logo design process for achieving the best logo design. Starting from researching the market, competitor analysis and sketching the logo. Your logo design Singapore freelancer must also provide the logo design final deliverables like AI, PDF, JPG, PNG formats. Logo design services cannot be cheap when it has so many process behind to create a unique identity. Your freelance logo designer Singapore would suggest you with the color options for the logo design based on the business domain. Be it company logo design, property agent logo design or business logo design, Singapore Logo Designer can help you with creating the best identity.