How much does a Logo Design Cost in Singapore – Freelance Logo Designer or Logo Design Agency or DIY

How much does a professional Logo Design costs? Freelance Logo Design is not Cheap as you think, know why.

When you have an idea to take your business to the next level, then the first step to step in the digital world is to create an identity for your Business. Yes, logo design is the face of your business. Well now you have decided to have a logo for your business, the next question which comes to your mind is how do I get it done? Is it something which I can download from online or hire a cheap freelance logo designer or hire a professional freelance logo designer in Singapore or Hire a logo design agency or how much the logo design cost in Singapore?

How much a logo design cost in Singapore - Subraa, Logo Designing Services in Singapore
How much a logo design cost in Singapore – Subraa, Logo Designing Services in Singapore

The answer for the above question depends on your budget and view of the logo design. You could get the Logo Design in Singapore for your business starting from $0 to $10,000. The most frequent question I get from clients is how much does your logo design services cost, trying to answer this generic question is quite difficult. The cost for the logo design depends on the requirements, logos are not ready made, it has to be designed based on the business needs and audience preferences.

To get a clear picture of a logo you must first understand what is a logo and what are the benefits your business gets when you have a professional logo and also an overview of the process of designing a logo.

What is a logo?

In layman’s terms, a logo is an element or symbol along with your business name. Just element lah why should I invest on this? I can write the name of my company for free, if this is what you think of reading what a logo is then you are wrong. A logo creates a strong visual identity for your business. If suppose you are a startup business having a successful recipe that you feel could attract customers and you have your business named xyz and spread the word of mouth about your business and your competitor also starts a business with the same name xyz with proper branding will your customers not be confused with this.

Hence it is very important to start a business with a proper logo which is professionally designed by a freelance logo designer in Singapore.

What are the advantages of having a professional logo design in Singapore?

Professionally designed business logos always wins and creates a good impression among your customers. If you have a closer look at the logos of some of the businesses like amazon, fedex etc you can see the hidden meaning behind the logos. The colors, font/typography, the elements define the business strategy and this is why you need a professional logo designer. Customers choose to shop or avail services from the business who have a good image.


How much a logo design cost in Singapore - Subraa, Logo Design Services in Singapore
How much a logo design cost in Singapore – Subraa, Logo Design Services in Singapore

Logo Design process

Designing a logo is not just downloading an element from the web and updating your business name, changing the color and giving you the image.

A professional freelance logo designer in Singapore or a Logo design Agency in Singapore will have a step-by-step process to design a logo. When you approach a freelancer to design a logo, first he would ask you to brief the requirements, your preferences, how you would like to perceive your logo. Then the freelancer will start the logo design by researching your market, your business competitors and start sketching the logo. Once he is satisfied by the desired result then he would start making it digital add in colors, include the business name and do the revisions based on your feedback and provide the final deliverable with all the source files, web and print resolution files for the logo.

Who should I hire for my company logo design? Freelance Logo Designer, Logo Design Agency, or DIY?

The logo is a cornerstone—a visual representation of a brand’s identity, values, and personality. As businesses embark on the journey of creating a new logo or revamping their existing logos, they are faced with a crucial decision: should they hire a freelance logo designer or engage the services of a logo design agency, or venture into the realm of do-it-yourself (DIY) logo creation? Each option presents its own set of advantages, considerations, and potential pitfalls, making the decision-making process a pivotal one.

Best Choice to Design the Company Logo in Singapore
Best Choice to Design the Company Logo in Singapore

Freelance Logo Designer:
For businesses desiring a logo design journey filled with creativity and collaboration, the services of a freelance logo designer offer an inspiring solution. Logo designers bring a unique blend of creativity, flexibility, and one-on-one attention, working closely with clients to understand their vision, preferences, and brand objectives. With an experienced logo designer, clients can expect a high level of customization, direct communication, and the opportunity to be intimately involved in the design process from concept to completion. The cost of logo designing is less when hiring a freelance logo designer than when hiring a logo design agency.

Logo Design Agency:
On the other end, logo design agencies offer a complete and professional approach to your company logo creation, supported by a team of seasoned logo designers, strategists, and branding experts. Logo design agencies are equipped with extensive resources, industry knowledge, and a portfolio of successful projects, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking a polished and strategic approach to branding. With a logo design agency, clients benefit from access to diverse skills, expertise, and creative perspectives compared to freelance logo designers, ensuring that their logo reflects their brand identity and resonates with their business users. Hiring a logo design agency is costlier and may costs a few thousand dollars.

DIY Logo design:
Online tools and templates are abundant, some businesses may be tempted to take the DIY route when it comes to logo design. DIY logo designs are either free or can be purchased at a much lower rate than hiring a logo designer. While DIY logo design offers cheap logo design services and convenience, it also comes with limitations and risks. With the expertise and experience of a professional logo designer, DIY logos can avoid appearing unprofessional, generic, or lacking in originality. Moreover, DIY logo creation may overlook crucial aspects of branding, such as market research, strategic positioning, and scalability, which are essential for creating a logo that stands over time. While designing a logo for your company, there may be better options than DIY logo design services as the designs are more generic and are used by 1000 others.

What factors influence the cost of logo design?

Several factors influence the cost of logo design services in Singapore, reflecting the complexity, quality, and level of customization involved in creating a unique and impactful visual identity.


Logo Design Cost or Price Factors in Singapore
Logo Design Cost or Price Factors in Singapore

Here are the key factors to consider for logo design cost:

Design Complexity:
The complexity of the logo design plays a significant role in determining its cost. A simple, minimalist logo with clean lines and basic shapes typically costs less than a complex, detailed design with multiple elements, gradients, and effects. Complicated designs require more time and skill to create, resulting in higher costs than minimal logo designs.

Scope of Work:
The scope of work refers to the precise requirements and deliverables of the logo design project. Factors such as the number of initial concepts, free revisions, edits, and final deliverables (e.g., logo final files and brand guidelines) will impact the overall cost. More comprehensive logo design projects with additional deliverables will naturally incur higher costs.

Logo Designer Experience and Expertise:
The logo designer’s level of experience and expertise is a valuable factor that influences the cost of logo design services. Seasoned logo design professionals with a strong portfolio and track record of successful logo design projects may charge higher rates, but their insights, creativity, and specialized proficiency justify these fees, reassuring you of the quality of work you’ll receive.

The Role of Timeline and Turnaround:
The need for a quick logo and turnaround time can significantly affect the cost of logo design. Rush projects requiring expedited delivery or shorter timelines may incur rush fees or premium rates to prioritize the project over other existing work. Conversely, longer timelines and flexible schedules may result in average costs, emphasizing the importance of project planning.

The Value of Additional Services:
In addition to logo design, extra services such as brand strategy consultation, market research, or comprehensive brand identity development may be offered. These value-added services contribute to a more holistic and strategic approach to branding. However, they may also impact the project’s overall cost, highlighting the benefits of a complete branding technique.

Is it good to opt for logo design package deals or custom quotes for logo design projects?

Choosing logo design package deals or custom quotes depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget constraints. Both options have their advantages and considerations:

Logo Design Package Deals:
1. Convenience: Package deals often provide a convenient, all-in-one solution for logo design, offering a set price for a predefined set of services and deliverables. However, at Logo Design Singapore, we provide customizable packages according to client needs. You can always request for the services you require.

2. Predictability: With logo design package deals, you know upfront what services and deliverables you’ll receive and the associated cost, providing predictability and clarity.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: Logo design package deals may offer cost savings compared to paying for individual services separately, making them a budget-friendly option for smaller businesses or startups.

4. Quick Decision Making: Logo package deals streamline the decision-making process by offering pre-packaged options, saving time and effort in negotiating custom quotes.

Custom Quotes for only Logo Design:
1. Tailored Logo Design Solutions: Custom logo quotes allow designers to create customized solutions to meet your unique requirements, preferences, and branding goals.

2. Flexibility: Custom quotes give you the power to negotiate terms, adjust the scope of work, and explore different pricing options based on your budget and project needs, making you feel empowered and in control of the process.

3. Scalability: Custom logo quotes ensure that no matter the complexity or scale of your project, you will always receive personalized attention and comprehensive services, making you feel reassured and confident in our ability to meet your needs.

4. Value-Added Services: Custom logo quotes often include extra value-added services such as brand strategy consultation, market research, or extended revision rounds. These services provide added value and strategic insights to enhance your branding efforts.

Eventually, the choice between logo design package deals and custom quotes depends on factors such as your budget, project requirements, desired level of customization, and preference for convenience versus flexibility. It is essential to carefully evaluate your options, clearly communicate your needs to the logo designer or logo design agency, and choose the approach that best aligns with your business objectives.

How much should a Freelancer charge for a logo design or how much is the logo design cost in Singapore?

When a logo has so much to do and when a logo design process involves many steps to achieve a result then how could you expect it to be free or cheap. Logo designs cannot be cheap and if it is cheap it is not unique. It is being sold to many other businesses like you. A unique logo design cost roughly from $250 to $1000. However a Logo Design agency will charge around $2000 to $10000. However some freelancers run offers and you can avail the same logo starting from $100. 

Budget logos are offered by freelancers as the basic package, this is to boost the startups who run on budgets, however it is good to avoid free logo makers where you download a copy of the artwork, the same copy will be downloaded by many others as well. Subraa, freelance logo designer has some good logo design packages to support your business, all the logo designs by Subraa can be trademarked with no additional charges. Choose the best packages from Subraa now. 

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