Should I invest in Logo Design during this Pandemic

Logo is an investment you do for your business and many of the business owners often hesitate to hire a logo designer to design a professional logo for their business.

Logo is an investment you do for your business and many of the business owners often hesitate to hire a logo designer to design a professional logo for their business. As a business owner you may feel that spending money for designing a logo during this time is not useful, however you fail to recognise the fact that logos give an unique identity to your business. Your customers need to recognise you irrespective of the situation. A good product or service with a unique identity stands for long and it doesn’t matter about the nature of the business or in which stage the business is, it is always good to have a logo design.

Logo Design- Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore
Logo Design- Subraa, Logo Designer Singapore

It’s never a bad time to invest in logo design, when your company is going through a drastic change it becomes inevitable to do some investments in digital to make yourself stand out from your competitors. A brand identity for your products is necessary for your customers to pick you. Investing now in logo design will help to make a huge difference.

Start designing your logo

If you are a startup business or an existing business venturing new in the digital world or starting an eCommerce business to list your products online then you must have a logo to identify your business. People start finding your business via Social media and Google search. When you just have a website without your logo it fails to create an impression on your customers. Customers visualise companies’ image through their logo. 

You would have made a presence using your business name with a font created in word document a few years back and may be it is recognised during the early stages of your business, however now the customers perspective have changed. They look for brands along with quality to shop or avail services. When you analyse your business performance online along with your competitors you would find the root cause of why your business doesn’t perform well without an identity.

Minimalistic Logo Design approach

It is a myth that complicated logos perform well, it isn’t necessarily important to bring down all your services in the form of graphics into your logo design. Logo designers in Singapore understand the market well and could help you with a logo which is minimalistic, reflects your brand image and more importantly has a hidden concept. Though you might feel that the hidden concept doesn’t make sense to you as a business owner, it would definitely make an impact among your customers.

In order to make you understand more about the minimalist logo design approach and the hidden meanings behind a logo design, I would detail the logo design using a sample business. Let’s take a look at the below logo of a Yoga business, you have hired a logo designer Singapore to design your logo and your logo designer has come out with a combination logo design which includes an element and the suitable font. Lotus is the element your logo designer has chosen to represent your business while you were expecting some yoga postures or some mandala designs behind a yoga posture to represent your business. Do you feel your logo designer has failed in designing your logo? If you think so, then you are wrong.  

Lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment and self regeneration. Irrespective of the culture a lotus flower signifies the above, yoga helps in enlightenment and regeneration of self. A circle below the lotus signifies that with the help of yoga you will be complete self. After you read the concept behind designing a logo for your yoga studio, check the design below, now your perspective is different in viewing the logo design concept. Minimalist approach in logo design always wins.

Logo Design Concept - Subraa, professional logo designer Singapore
Logo Design Concept – Subraa, professional logo designer Singapore

Logo Design influences your customers

Your business logo cannot be different from one place to another, you cannot have a different logo in facebook and a different logo in your website. Branding should always be consistent. A consistent brand identity starts with a logo design and you can build your brand on top of logo design. A professional logo design influences your customers, when your customers are checking for a product in a rack in the departmental store then your logo would help to influence your customer in opting for your product. A purchase in an eCommerce store depends on the brand image, business owners will agree to this fact and that is why big companies spend a significant amount of investment in branding.

Hire a logo designer now

Now that you have understood how a logo plays a significant role in business and influencing sales, then it’s time to hire a logo design Singapore Designer. Though you have a logo which is designed long back, it’s time to revamp your logo and redesign based on the current customer base. Your target audiences need something fresh and you should seek the help of a professional logo designer who has significant experience in designing logos. Your competitors are growing so as the market, as you get noticed by the customers it is becoming vital to have a logo designed for your business irrespective of pandemic. In fact it is good to revamp your old logo or get a new logo designed during this pandemic as you need to make a significant impact on your customers and it has become vital to stand out among your competition. 

Logo designs are never cheap and need not be too costly either, Subraa, offers affordable logo design packages for businesses of small sizes to help them gain a unique identity in the digital world. Subraa has over 12+ years of experience in logo design and has designed over 250+ logos and have helped businesses with digital marketing solutions as well. You can reach out to Subraa at +65 97957890 to learn more about logo design and logo design packages.