What makes a good logo? This question sounds relevant when it comes to logo designing. A logo is a symbol that describes a company or brand that develops a unique image of your business in the market.

What makes a good logo? This question sounds relevant when it comes to logo designing. A logo is a symbol that describes a company or brand that develops a unique image of your business in the market.

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The success of a logo depends on its simplicity and creativeness. Most of the leading brands have simple logos that are easy to remember. Having a memorable logo designed by a professional logo designer can benefit your brand in several ways. Brands having a simple logo like McDonald, Nike, and many more, are easily remembered by people and easy to register. A good logo can define every aspect of your services with one glimpse; many designers struggle in designing a logo. Minimalism is not effortless and requires creative minds and hands-on experience.

Now, logos are more important as during pandemic when every business is online, it is essential to differentiate your business from others so your customers can easily remember you and come back. Logo design is crucial and has made many small businesses grow to big brands. It enhances your reach to the customers and leaves behind the print of your brand in their minds. A logo acts as an intangible asset of your business, and it is equally or more important than any of your other assets.

Logo helps to promote your business in the market amongst customers and increases your brand value. It is the backbone of your business and brand; if your logo is not aligned with your business vision and motto, you are losing your brand value. Big companies who are well stabilized in the market always maintain the dignity of their logo.

Few leading brands started with a simple logo, but eventually, they have redesigned their logo to meet the audience needs and increase company value.



A relevant logo connects people with your brand and your services with people. If your logo is relevant to the services you provide through your business, this will help you in brand promotion.

People love simple things if your logo defines your business, so it will be convenient for them to register and remember your logo in no time.

Certain factors affect your logo design, like the colour of your logo. Medical companies mostly use colours like blue, green, grey, which reflects more vibes of healing and assurance; patients first see the outlook of any medicine or hospital. The logo related to the medical and health industry choosing more bright and reddish colours will not be relevant.

The other factor is font size, thin and long fonts used by fashion and cosmetics companies, who make products for women.

Broad, black, dark green, and white fonts are used by men’s cosmetic brands that make it more masculine.

Customers are physiologically affected by the colour and font of the logo. It is not visible physically, but subconsciously they develop a positive perception about your brand.


Simplicity is the key, simple things are easy to remember and leave an impression on an individual’s mind for a long time. There are many examples of big companies having a simple logo that is easy to memories.

Companies like Nike, Apple, Adidas prefers a simple looking logo that leaves an impression at first look.

Brands have increased their market value with a simple logo because there is nothing aggressive or complex in their logo. Simple logos are also easy to convey to others, look out for your business, and indirectly help in brand promotion.


Branding is one of the most significant factors of any business, and companies spend lots of money on branding and promotion. If your logo is memorable, it sticks to the minds of people. It can develop the value of your brand.

The logo is the backbone of every brand, a simple and relevant logo with good color and text combination is easy to memorize. It helps in establishing a connection between customers and the brand.

The main aim of a good logo design is to connect people with your brand. If people in the market love your logo, they will love to browse through your brand as well. Making  connections with people will help you in developing your business. The sign of a good logo is that it leaves an impression on a person’s mind at one look


Branding has been an essential part of marketing for a very long time. Every company needs promotion to grow in the market. Due to high competition, branding and advertising have become critical tasks for small or big businesses. Branding requires a symbol that defines a connection between the business and the target audience. The symbol in simpler terms is called a logo.

Investing in logo design is essential, and eventually, you can reduce the cost in promotions in future. A logo is a symbol of any brand that describes the genuineness of a brand. A unique and simple logo makes your brand stand out from the crowd, and people associate it with every aspect of your business. It leads to customer satisfaction and trust towards your product; a good logo creates an image of your brand in the market.

Logos can either increase your brand value or decrease it; hence designing a  logo with the help of a professional logo designer is essential. Get your logo designed now with logo design Singapore, we are a team of experienced professionals who have ample experience in designing logos and creating brand identity. We also have experienced web designers who can help you build your brand.